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"Restore the      balance in        your Life"

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Meet Don Alejandro

Don Alejandro is the personification of humbleness and serenity. A person who never loses faith in humanity, with a unique wisdom passed on from generation to generation and is ready to share his knowledge to the world and everyone interested in exploring their inner self. Embark on an inner Journey.

Retreat & Program Peru 2019


The Paqos are organising an upcoming retreat in September 2019 to the most sacred and powerful places in Peru. A unique opportunity to experience during two weeks the teachings of the Paqos Up Close and Personal in their own sacred backyard, the mystical Peruvian Andes.

Roundtrips & Tours in Peru


Combine your sessions with the Paqos during an amazing roundtrip in Peru or book additional tours to Peru's most emblematic places like for instance Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, The Sacred Valley, the Nasca Lines, among others. For more Information Click Here

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