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About the Q'ero Paqos

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Sessions & Teachings



Chakaruna - 'Human Bridge'

Arco Iris - 'Rainbow'

Using the Chumpi Stones



Pampamesayok Training

The Seven Nustas

Limpiezas - 'Cleanings'

The Apaza Family


The paqos or Q’eros you are going to work  with are direct descendants from Inca lineage and are thought in ancient techniques and wisdom passed on from generation to generation. They are Pampamesayoks which are the Shamans and visionaries of their ethnic group. You are going to work especially with the internationally renowned Apaza Family, with Alejandro en his sister Maria Apaza leading your path. Also the sons of Don Alejandro Apaza, Don Justo and Don Raoul are experienced Pampamesayoks. Don Alejandro and Maria are the son and daughter of Santos Apaza who was one of the last “Chumpi Paqos”, who used the so called Chumpi Stones to move the energetic centers of the Body and the Earth. Both Maria & Alejandro inherited this knowledge from their father and are now ready to pass on their knowledge internationally. Their mission is to show you the path to a more balanced life and to achieve a balance between your inner feminine and masculine energy and heal your relationship with Mother Earth. Going2Peru is an official Travel Agency registered and acknowledged by the Ministry of Tourism in Peru and offers you the opportunity to get in contact with the Paqos and find what you’re are looking for in life.

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