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Retreat 2022

A Mystical Journey in Peru

During this journey in Peru in september 2022, the Paqos will help you find what is important in your life and give you perspectives on your Destination. During this two week retreat you will visit several Hot Spots with a positive and powerful energy. Places in Cusco, Puno and the Sacred Valley of the Inca’s that are visited since ancient times by the paqos because of their special energy that is emitted. A select group of paqos at the highest level of spiritual connection with the Cosmos and Mother Earth, the so called Pampamesayoks, will lead your way and at these special places you will participate in meditations and sessions, allowing you to open up on your inner power and really find the Essence of Who You Are. It’s a spiritual and magical Journey into your Soul and brings you closer to your true nature. Furthermore during these two weeks of soul searching and inner growth we will connect with Mother Earth, the Cosmos and the Sacred Mountains of the Inca’s. It's a unique Journey set in the midst of the magical and beautiful Andes Mountains and what the Ancient Incas considered as the Center of the World.  

The Program

Day 1

September 14, 2022

On the first day you will arrive at the city of Cusco which is located at 3600 meter above sea level. A person of our agency will wait for you at the airport and bring you to your hostel in the Sacred Valley. Because of the altitude we will go right away to the lower Sacred Valley (2870 m) and take things slowly today and start with a ‘Despacho' ceremony at night. The rest of the day you are free to acclimatize. 

sacred valley.jpg
Day 2

September 15, 2022

Today we will visit the Waterfall of Perolniyoc, which is located close to Ollantaytambo. From Ollantaytambo we go to a small village called Socma from which point we start walking for more or less 30 minutes. The paqos will do a ceremony at this beautiful site. 

For a video impression go HERE

Day 3

September 16, 2022

Today we will visit, near the village of Calca, the ‘Templo de la Serpiente - Uno Urco’ (Snake Temple). The site is dedicated to celebrate the transforming power of Water and is also a solar and astronomical observatory of the Inca Urco, a governor of the Inca Empire. The Paqos will perform a ritual with water.

Peru Juni 2018 299.jpg
Day 4

September 17, 2022

Today we will visit The ruins of Pisac, which is also located in the Sacred Valley. Pisac is often called Little Machu Picchu, because like Machu Picchu it is situated on top of a mountain overlooking the valley below and you get a good feel of how the Incas built their terraces. This is a tour with a guide and of course our friends the Paqos will come along as well. After the guided tour at the ruins we will go down and visit the local Market of Pisac where a lot of souvenirs are sold but also locally produced products are traded between the people of the area. We will then continue to Cusco and on the way stop at the Animal Sanctuary Cochawasi

For information on the Pisac ruins go HERE



Day 5

September 18, 2022

Today we will visit Quillarumiyoc which was a place to worship the Moon. This was one of the most important deities for the Incas, it was known as "Mama Quilla", mother of the firmament and representation of the female side of the universe. It was an important site for the Incas. This huge archaeological center consists of terraces, water ways, platforms, growing areas and an Ushnu (a kind of a pyramid for ceremonies). It also contains a small cave inside which there are petroglyphs. In the center, a huge rock with a semicircular crescent carving dedicated to Quilla, the goddess Luna.

Day 6

September 19, 2022

Today we will visit Pumamarca, located at a 30 minutes ride above the city of Cusco where we will do a ceremony near the entrance of a cave with running water.

Day 7

September 20, 2022

Today we will go in bus from Cusco to Ocongate, which is a ride of more or less 2 and a half hours to get there. Free afternoon in Ocongate. 

ausangate lodge.jpg
Day 8

September 21, 2022

You will be picked up in the morning and in private transport we will drive to Tinki from where we will go on horseback with Alejandro and the Paqos up the mountain. Cleaning at Laguna de Otorongo, sacrifices, pampamesa, altomesa and meditation. Blessing by Apu Ausengate and Nustas! At 15:00 we descend and we drive back to the hotel in Ocongate.

Day 9

September 22, 2022

Today we go back to Cusco, it's a two and a half hour drive. Free afternoon in Cusco.

Day 10

September 23, 2022

Today we will travel by Bus to lake Titicaca. The journey from Cusco to Puno goes across the Altiplano, with its incredibly beautiful landscape. During the ride we will make 4 short stops at interesting places, knowing Andahuaylillas also known as the Sistine Chapel of America, Raqchi, La Raya and Pukara Museum. Furthermore a Lunch Buffet will be served. Arrival in Puno and transfer to your hotel.


For a video of the Church San Pedro de Andahuaylillas go HERE

la raya.jpg
Day 11

September 24, 2022

Today we will visit Amaru Muru at Hayu Marca. It's a mysterious site at about an hour's drive from Puno. The structure is called the Gate of the Gods as many locals believe it's a door that leads to the Gods. Since its discovery many theories have appeared but it definitely is a mystical place and some claim they can feel a strange energy flow through them. The paqos will do a ritual at this site.


More about Amaru Muru you can  find HERE

Day 12

September 25, 2022

Today we will do a tour to lake Titicaca. We will visit the floating islands of the Uros and the Island of Taquile

Day 13

September 26, 2020


Today we will visit Isla del Sol where we will do some ceremonies with the Paqos.

According to Inca legend, the main God Inti (Sun God) lived on one of the islands on the Bolivian side of the lake Titicaca: On Isla del Sol. Legend has it that on that island Inti created his son, Manco Capac and his daughter Mama Ocllo, the first Incas who then went north to found Cusco in the heart of what would be the Inca empire. Hence Isla del Sol is a very important and energetic place for the Paqos.

Overnight on the Island

Day 14

September 27, 2020


Today we will visit Isla de la Luna (Moon Island), located at fifteen minutes from the Island of the Sun. The Island is devoted to the cult of Mama Killa (Quechua name of the Moon), wife of the Sun God Inti. The most important attraction of this place is the Iñakuyu, or Palace of the Virgins. The building, which is preserved in relative good condition, has 35 rooms and elaborate doors and was where ‘the chosen’ women lived to learn certain trades and skills. 

We will do a special ceremony and then returno to Copacabana. Pick Up around 7 pm at the hotel and transfer to the busterminal. 

--- Sleeper bus back to Cusco --

isla de la luna.jpg
Day 15

September 28, 2020

Arrival in Cusco early in the morning and transfer to the hotel.


Around noon Don Alejandro and his Family will invite you to their house for lunch and show you where they live. It's a humble meal but prepared with a lot of love for all participants. His family has furthermore a small shop installed in the house selling typical handicrafts made by the paqos and their family members.

Day 16

September 29, 2020

We will pick you up at the hotel and bring you in private transfer to the airport of Cusco. Flight back to Lima where this amazing Journey Ends

For those who want to add additional days and tours in Cusco or to for instance Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, the rainforest and/or an extra day in Lima (recommended), feel free to contact us for more information. 


Anchor 1

The price for this incredible tour in september 2020 is

USD 1890 

(EUR 1719 at current Exchange Rate)


Please be advised that: 


a) The price INCLUDES two internal flights. The price of these two flights are reflected in the current total price as stipulated above, which means that the price can and will go up the longer one waits with the booking of this tour. We will adjust the price on a regular basis.


b) The price of the two internal flights are based on the dates described above. If you prefer to fly on other dates, additional costs may apply depending the prices of the tickets on these specific days of your choice. Please contact us to assist you if you prefer other dates.

c) The price is based on double and triple occupancy in the hostal / hotel. There is a surcharge if someone prefers a single room.

What is included?

The program as described above

Flight Lima - Cusco on day 1 included

Flight Cusco - Lima on day 16 included
Breakfast on days 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16

Lunch on days 2,3,5,6,8,10,12,13,15

Dinner on day 13

15 nights at a hostal in Cusco and Puno (double & triple occupancy)

All transportation during the entire tour

The international flight to Lima

A contribution in cash of EUR 800 / USD 900 for the Paqos 

Dinner on all days except day 13

Lunch on days 1,4,7,9,11,14

Tourist ticket for Cusco, costs USD 39 - necessary for Pisac 

Single room surcharge on request 

Additional nights in Cusco, Puno, Lima on request

What is NOT included?

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